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    Eye exams given during well-child checkups or annual physicals can tell you whether or not you have 20/20 vision, but they are not sufficiently in-depth enough to diagnose additional vision problems or help with vision-related learning issues. You need an experienced and highly trained optometrist in Fresno to adequately determine whether you have vision changes or problems that need to be addressed—and one who has the education to prescribe a tailored treatment.

    During our thorough eye exams, our team tests the following in a peaceful, compassionate atmosphere:

    • Visual acuity at near distances
    • Eye teaming skills (eyes should work as a coordinated team)
    • Eye focusing skills
    • Eye movement skills
    • Reversal frequency (does the patient reverse specific letters out of the normal range for age and ability?)
    • Eye health

    Quality Services from Our Fresno Optometrist

    Our treatments range from prescription eyeglasses, contacts, and patches to more extensive vision therapy and visual rehabilitation. Treatment, of course, depends on the diagnosis—and because each person’s needs are unique, we customize a treatment that addresses your specific needs.

    Our Fresno optometrist provides the following services and treatments:

    • Eyeglasses for infants, children, and adults, including stylish frame designs
    • Contact lens fitting and follow-up—including bifocal, disposable, and astigmatism lenses, as well as orthokeratology (corneal molding for the correction of nearsightedness)
    • Laser vision correction (LASIK) comanagement and consultation
    • Treatment for binocular vision conditions, such as amblyopia (lazy eye), convergence insufficiency (near vision disorder), diplopia (double vision), lack of stereopsis (two-eyed depth perception), and strabismus (cross-eyed, wandering eye, eye turns, etc.)
    • Treatment for learning-related vision problems, including ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, reading and tracking problems, etc.
    • Visual rehabilitation for patients with special needs, such as developmental delays or traumatic brain injury (TBI) (for example, autism, stroke, whiplash, CP, MS, etc.)
    • Treatment for stress-related visual problems, including blurred vision, visual stress from reading and computers, eye strain headaches, and vision-induced stomach aches or motion sickness (CVS)
    • Sports vision correction and/or improvement (we can measure and improve hand-eye coordination, visual reaction time, peripheral vision, eye focusing, eye tracking and teaming, visualization skills, and more)

    Vision Therapy to Correct Learning-Related Vision Problems

    Our vision therapy services are individualized, supervised treatment programs that are designed to correct visual-motor and/or perceptual-cognitive deficiencies. The therapy sessions teach you to enhance your brain’s ability to control eye alignment, eye tracking and teaming, eye focusing abilities, eye movements, and/or visual processing.

    We use special computer and optical devices (therapeutic lenses, prisms, and filters) to develop visual-motor skills and endurance. As you acquire these visual skills, we help you reinforce them and make them automatic through repetition and by integration with motor and cognitive skills.


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